Bippity Boppity Behind You! Polish off those glass slippers and discover the magic of British pantomime

  • With COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns keeping families at home, a night in discovering the magic of British pantomime is the perfect way to keep the kids entertained and engaged
  • Pantomimes have been a long-standing British Christmas tradition, with a new virtual production set to première in Australia
  • The world’s first interactive virtual pantomime, Cinderella Live, makes its Australian debut this winter

With COVID-19 lockdowns a continuous reality, Aussie parents are looking for new ways to keep kids entertained at home. This winter, it’s time to give Netflix a night off and bring a new kind of live theatre into your home.

Just in time for Christmas in July, the world’s first interactive virtual pantomime, Cinderella Live, makes its Australian debut. Pantomimes have been a long-standing British tradition and a unique theatre experience that is often a child’s first taste of live performance. For the first time, Australian audiences can now experience the vibrant sets, flamboyant characters and joys of audience interaction that embody a proper British pantomime. 

Lianne Collinson, Co-Founder and Executive Producer of Going Live TV said, “After the huge success of launching Cinderella Live to children and families in the UK, we’re delighted to bring our production down under and give Aussie families an enchanted Christmas in July to remember. British audiences loved our unique pantomime experience, so we’re excited for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere to be able to share a live performance like no other without having to leave their favourite armchair.”

Fancy dress is encouraged for Going Live TV’s Cinderella Live, so feel free to let your imagination run wild if you don’t have the luxury of a fairy godmother on hand to dress you. The magic can be streamed straight into your living room from the 23rd – 25th July.

The show encourages real-time participation from viewers across the country using the interactive sound effect buttons to boo, cheer, clap, and even shout “he’s behind you!” alongside the characters on screen as the classic fairytale unfolds – with a twist! A limited number of virtual audience spots are also up for grabs and accessed via a cloud conferencing service to make the event extra special.

“Join this amazing live show, with fancy dress competitions and live interactions with the cast for the ultimate pantomime experience. Enjoy the traditional story of Cinderella with added comedy, uplifting messages of community and sing alongs,” Collinson said.

While our British counterparts are extremely familiar with the concept of pantomime, most Aussie kids haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying exaggerated role-reversal and over-the-top characters. So, before the clock strikes midnight, make sure you grab your tickets for this world-class event and discover the wonderment of pantomime.

Directed by Charlotte Peters and with an all-star cast including Chris Rankin (Harry Potter), Chris Johnson, Katy Clayton and Jessica Ellis, the production opens with a press performance on 19th July and runs from 23rd to 25th with special school performances in both Australia and New Zealand.

Cinderella Live also stars Kimberley Hart-Simpson, Martin Callaghan, Tim Churchill, Steve Fortune, Elin Pavlin- Hinde and Cuan Durkin. Get your tickets here.


Charlotte Peters – Director

Charlotte is a freelance stage, film and live stream director. Having moved into film and streamed productions in 2020, her films have received awards and critical acclaim. As well as directing Cinderella Live, Charlotte has directed War Horse, An Inspector Calls and Aladdin. 

Chris Rankin – Fairy Godfather

Chris is a New Zealand-born British actor, best known for his role as Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter film franchise. He has also worked in production, most recently being credited as Production Secretary on Atlantis. In Cinderella Live, he starts as the Fairy Godfather, narrating the pantomime as well as guiding Cinderella through her troubles.

Chris Johnson – Buttons

Chris is a stage actor, TV presenter and voiceover artist. He is best known for his time as a host on the CBBC channel. As well as this, he has co-presented the travel series All Over the Place (BBC) and has been the voice of Dennis the Menace in Dennis the Menace and Gnasher (Beano Productions). In Cinderella Live, Chris takes the role of Buttons, interacting with the online audience and leading the story.

Lianne Collinson – Co-founder; Executive Producer of Going Live TV

Lianne has worked in broadcast television for 18 years. She started her career creating game shows for television and selling them to broadcasters, such as the BBC. She coordinated a wide range of media industries from live television shows to million-dollar films and events.

Ben McNeill – Co-founder; Executive Producer of Going Live TV

Ben started his career working in the industry as a freelancer in live broadcast television. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, he has worked extensively on broadcast productions worldwide. He is also extremely technical and is known within the live streaming industry as an expert.

About Going Live TV

Going Live TV is a leading television and live streaming production company based in Leeds, UK and Toronto, Canada. We create and produce interactive media and new forms of digital storytelling. Recently featured in Variety and the New York Times, we were named as a finalist in the 2021 UK Business Awards for ‘Best Online Event’ for our production of Cinderella Live for Panto Live. It merged live performance with audience interactivity and advanced 3D gaming technology, making it the world’s first. Cinderella Live has now been viewed by over 300,000 families, students and corporate clients in over seven different countries. The future of entertainment is online, interactive and immersive, and Going Live TV is at the forefront of digital media innovation.

The primary interactivity is via the website including interactive buttons and shoutouts. In addition, a small number of people are invited to the “front row” audience (via video conferencing) to be a part of the virtual audience. With a chance to be a part of the live audience.

Cinderella Live   Listings

Going Live TV

Live streamed from: 

Also available on demand


Press performances: Monday 19th July- 7.00PM AEST / 5PM AWST

Saturday 24th July – 2.00PM AEST / 12.00PM AWST

Saturday 24th July – 6.00PM AEST / 4.00PM AWST

Sunday 25th July – 2.00PM AEST / 12.00PM AWST

Sunday 25th July – 6.00PM AEST / 4.00PM AWST

Australian school performances: 

Wednesday 21st July- 11.00AM AEST / 9.00AM AWST

Wednesday 21st July- 1.00PM AEST / 11.00AM AWST

Thursday 22nd July- 11.00AM AEST / 9.00AM AWST

Thursday 22nd July- 1.00PM AEST / 11.00AM AWST

Friday 23rd July- 11.00AM AEST / 9.00AM AWST

Friday 23rd July- 1.00PM AEST / 11.00AM AWST

New Zealand school performances:

Monday 26th July- 10AM / 1.00PM NZST


Early bird: $19.97 per device

Full price: $29.97 per device

As part of the school’s package, up to 20 classrooms can watch the production simultaneously for just $447