Notice of Press Conference March 16th 2021

Panto Live, producers of the world’s first live-streamed, interactive panto, will be holding a press conference on Wednesday 17th March 2021 to announce the launch of their newly remastered Easter panto, Cinderella Live!

CBBC Presenter Chris Johnson – who plays host ‘Buttons’ – and Panto Live Producers will be available to answer questions and discuss the upcoming live Easter shows.

Cinderella Live was the world’s first live and interactive online pantomime show, and premiered during Christmas 2020, gaining an audience of over 200,000 viewers. 

The ground-breaking production incorporated a cast of live actors performing within virtual sets constructed by the same gaming technology seen in popular video games such as Fortnite. The viewing audience was able to interact with the live show by pressing specially designed buttons that could be heard by the cast in the studio.

Due to the success of the Christmas show, Panto Live decided to remaster it for the Easter holidays.
The cast includes Chris Johnson as host ‘Buttons” alongside Chris Rankin (PercyWeasley from Harry Potter) Jessica Ellis, (Hollyoaks) Kimberly Hart-Simpson,(Coronation Street) Irish street busking sensation Cuan Durkin, the singer/actorMartin Callaghan (Portugal Got Talent Golden Buzzer, 2020) and West Endand television veterans Steve Fortune and Tim Churchill.

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