Panto Live, the nationwide hit for primary schools named as a finalist in the 2021 UK business awards.

Leeds-based live stream production company, Going Live TV, has been named as a finalist in the 2021 UK business awards. 

The nomination was inspired by the success of the company’s innovative live stream pantomime, Cinderella Live, which was a worldwide first. The unique interactive show has already been streamed by a wide range of primary schools, and viewed additionally by over 300,000 families in over 7 countries. 

Educators say that the production has helped students actively engage and connect in a safe and positive way during the pandemic, promoting wellness, and helping to ease the sense of social isolation many students are currently struggling with.

The production incorporates both a virtual audience – who are able to interact with live performers at several points in the story – and interactive buttons for more reserved students to participate. 

It can be streamed across a wide range of devices and includes additional on-demand viewings after the live show, to avoid scheduling conflicts. No one need miss out.

And, as Cinderella Live can be broadcast in a comfortable and familiar location, it is perfect for students with sensory sensitivity such as those on the autistic spectrum, as well as allowing ease of access for those with physical disabilities. 

The show can also provide closed captioning for the deaf/hearing impaired community.

Going Live TV plans to continue streaming Cinderella Live for a new specially remastered summer-themed script. The company also has plans to produce a new Panto – Peter Pan – over the Christmas holiday period in Dec 2021.

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