World’s first live interactive pantomime to be broadcast in schools worldwide

Cinderella Live, a fully live and interactive pantomime, will be coming into classrooms this Christmas. Students will be able to safely enjoy the show in their bubbles whilst experiencing a fun and immersive performance, guiding the show with their reactions and interacting with actors on the other side of the screen.

For over a century, pantomimes have been a staple part of Christmas entertainment for children and adults alike. However, with both schools and theatres having to operate under strict restrictions, it’s still uncertain what Christmas will look like this year.

This is why UK-based live streaming production company Panto Live took up the challenge of producing the world’s first entirely live and interactive online Pantomime production – Cinderella Live. This is no ordinary Pantomime, nor is it a recorded version of the performance. In fact, it’s a unique blend of broadcast TV and theatre. “It is important for us to bring interactivity into this production, as it is a massively important element for children. We didn’t just want to record a show and have a one-way watch party – that’s not what panto is about,” says Producer and Technical Director Ben McNeill.

Like a regular TV production, young audiences can enjoy the pantomime as it’s happening live and interact with the magical characters who, in return, respond to their audience’s reactions. Cinderella Live brings this exciting Christmas experience to schoolchildren, with special school ticket offers available. Best of all, pupils can safely enjoy Christmas tradition and even have the chance of rewatching the show on-demand until the end of January 2021.

This high-end production is also unique, as its sets are entirely virtual and generated through a video game modelling engine, Unreal Engine, which is also used in games such as Fortnite. Static greenscreen backgrounds are a thing of the past and Cinderella Live is proving that by taking its immersive production design to the next level. Producer Lianne Collinson says, “Children love TV, theatre and video games, so we are combining all three. A live pantomime TV broadcast, using video game technology, lifting children’s Christmas spirit! What more could you ask for?’

An incredible cast is lined up to bring the Cinderella characters to life. Chris Rankin, known as Percy Weasley from the Harry Potter films, will portray the Fairy-Godfather. TV talent Jessica Ellis (Hollyoaks) and Kimberly Hart-Simpson (Coronation Street) will be portraying the Evil Stepmother and Dandini, respectively. Pantomime veterans Steve Fortune and Tim Churchill have also joined the cast, as well as renowned singers Cuan Durkin and Martin Callaghan, who is Portugal’s Got Talent 2020 Golden Buzzer.

Classes can watch the show in their own bubble, on any devices across multiple classrooms and at the same time. School shows will be broadcast live on December 16th and 17th and can be watched again at any time until 31st Jan 2021. Cinderella Live is suitable for audiences aged 5 and above.


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Panto Live

Panto live is a UK-based production company, specialising in live online Pantomime production. As one of the UK’s leading live-streaming companies, Panto Live plays an important role in supporting theatre production during the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing benefit to talent and audiences alike. Panto Live has partnered with the Actors’ Children’s Trust and the Film and TV charity for the production of Cinderella Live, supporting film and TV professionals, as well as the families of actors. 

Cinderella Live will be premiering in the UK and available to view Worldwide this Christmas, with 5 live shows broadcast between 18th-24th of December. The show will be available to watch on demand from 1st-31st Jan 2021. Exclusive screenings are also available to schools for in-classroom viewing of shows on the 16th and 17th of December. Early bird ticket sales end Dec 4th. For full details on cast, the production and tickets, visit